Convertible Project Update – 2/28/11

by JB0352

Damn, I’m still beat from last night. My friend Louis and I removed both the engine and transmission. Now, we can focus on cleaning up the rust on the floors and the engine bay before sending it down to...

New Site Design for Joey’s M3 – Check it out!

by JB0352

I’ve had a hell of a time setting up this new theme but it does look much better than the old one. I’m still working on a better logo for the top but everything else should be good. We’ll...

Convertible Project Update – 2/19/11

by JB0352

After some digging, I was able to find a front bumper and both front fenders. I had to drive all the way to the Bronx yesterday morning but it was worth it. Now I just need side skirts, quarter...

Convertible Project Update – 2/12/11

by JB0352

Removed all of the interior this AM and dropped the top. Found some rust spots but nothing crazy. Hartge wheels and fenders are sold

5th Annual UMASS Motorsport Car show – April 30th

by JB0352

This is a great show to start off the season. Flyer photo is pretty cool as well More info:

Convertible Project Update – 2/10/11

by JB0352

I got a chance to remove some of the uneccessary parts this week. Wheels, fenders and body kit are off and available if anyone is interested. I hope to clean out most of the interior this weekend as well....

New project started – E30 M3 Cabriolet!

by JB0352

Those of you that have followed some of my previous posts know that I have always wanted an E30 M3 cab. In fact I had posted a couple examples of what i’d love for it to look like:

BIMMER Magazine Feature!!

by JB0352

Damn, Have I been waiting for this issue to arrive! This feature is from the Bavauto Show and Shine back in October. Although there are only a couple of pictures, he did very well with the writeup Klaus took...

Finally put that Bavauto Certificate to use

by JB0352

Nothing exciting here, but I did need a new set of Floor mats. I had purchased a set of E46 M3 mats a few years back because they had the ///M symbol stitched in but the mats were not...

BMW 1M and EVO E30 M3 comparisons….Sorry, not even close

by JB0352

That’s an Evo E30 M3 right there. Made in ’91 with a 2.5L 4 cylinder that put out approx 250 hp!! This care was no joke. Sorry BMW, there is no comparison here. Nice try though. Fast forward to...


  1. Bill Ryan
    06 August 11, 6:01pm

    Love the Color. What white is it ? Doing an e30 m3 s54 track car. I live in So. Maine Bill.

  2. Joey
    23 April 12, 10:52pm


    Sorry for the delayed response. It’s a pearl white with some blue added in. Not sure exact color though. Reminds me alot of the Audi pearl white. No track car here. Too much invested in making it pretty. :)

  3. adam
    15 October 12, 12:02pm

    your site overwhelms me :)

    I miss my 88 that I had in 90-94. I have 2 kids now and this will be my project. but where to find one for less than 20$ now. unbelievable. thx for the site!!


  4. Cyrus
    03 January 13, 7:32am

    Hey dude that’s a kick ass little pocket rocket… Better see it in new Braintree this summer I wanna ride but we better be jammin to everyday I’m shufflin or sexy and I know it!

  5. Joey
    03 January 13, 9:06am

    Hey Cyrus! For sure! I got some good fit pumping music we can listen to. lol

  6. Bachir
    14 March 14, 10:42pm

    Hey , still for sale ?

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