New project started – E30 M3 Cabriolet!

by JB0352

Those of you that have followed some of my previous posts know that I have always wanted an E30 M3 cab. In fact I had posted a couple examples of what i’d love for it to look like:

I wasn’t looking for one at this time but my uncle came across this gem a couple days ago and it so happens that it was located here in town. It’s definitely in rough shape but I know it will be great in the end. I’ve already discussed the body work necessary for the job with Rui and he is excited for the task.

My first step is removing all the parts I don’t need like the interior (hate tan), fendors, motor, tranny etc… Once that’s done, Im thinking of having it completely sand blasted so that we’re starting with a good base. Hopefully I don’t find any really bad spots on the car.

So if you need or know of anyone that needs any parts, please send contact me asap.



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