New 1 Series Coupe. Lots of Pics!

by JB0352

The 1 Series ///M coupe looks Bad Ass already, but it would look even better in Alpine White A ton more pics here:

Joey’s M3 finally in a Magazine! (Total BMW)

by JB0352

Ok so this is really just the “Coming Next Month” section but it’s in print and that does it for me. Adam Tait (TBMW editor) was kind enough to send me a couple issues to check it out. This...

DYNO graph from Germany with Carbon Fiber box

by JB0352

John sent me a DYNO chart that was of S50B32 with one of his CF boxes and a set of 284 cams. Just thought I’d share with everyone. I’m having a tough time interpreting this info even after his...

DYNO Revisit

by JB0352

I got a chance to get back to the DYNO with the Carbon Fiber airbox installed and some tuning done. Torque is up but HP has not changed much. Stay Tuned (lol) 285 WHP 240 TQ

New S50 Carbon Fiber airbox with internal filters.

by JB0352

I got word from John ( in Germany that he has modified their S50 airboxes to have an internal air filter, much like the CSL box for the S54. (E46 M3) This is great news for those that have...

Thanks again BavAuto!

by JB0352

Bavarian Autosport \ Klaus (photographer) surprised me with hard copies of a couple shots Klaus took in the post Bavauto photo shoot that day. I know he took alot more so I have more to look forward to. Thanks!

Electric E30 racer….FAST!

by JB0352

Even with an electric motor, the E30 still kicks ass…lol More info here: Electric E30 Racer

DTM coming to US in 2013!!

by JB0352

This is awesome!!

Digging the Minty fresh flavor of this 6 series

by JB0352

At first glance I wasn’t digging this minty green color, but after viewing the pics, it’s growing on me. This car would be ok in my opinion except for two things: Lambo doors and black wheels. I like the...

BMW to return to DTM in 2012

by JB0352

This is good news. Hopefully it will be just as crazy as it was back in the day:


  1. Bill Ryan
    06 August 11, 6:01pm

    Love the Color. What white is it ? Doing an e30 m3 s54 track car. I live in So. Maine Bill.

  2. Joey
    23 April 12, 10:52pm


    Sorry for the delayed response. It’s a pearl white with some blue added in. Not sure exact color though. Reminds me alot of the Audi pearl white. No track car here. Too much invested in making it pretty. :)

  3. adam
    15 October 12, 12:02pm

    your site overwhelms me :)

    I miss my 88 that I had in 90-94. I have 2 kids now and this will be my project. but where to find one for less than 20$ now. unbelievable. thx for the site!!


  4. Cyrus
    03 January 13, 7:32am

    Hey dude that’s a kick ass little pocket rocket… Better see it in new Braintree this summer I wanna ride but we better be jammin to everyday I’m shufflin or sexy and I know it!

  5. Joey
    03 January 13, 9:06am

    Hey Cyrus! For sure! I got some good fit pumping music we can listen to. lol

  6. Bachir
    14 March 14, 10:42pm

    Hey , still for sale ?

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