Memorial Day at Lime Rock Park

by JB0352

This Memorial day I met up with some friends over at Lime Rock (CT). The Grand Am and GT series were racing that day, but I was more interested in hanging out with the homeys :)

The weather was awesome and the collection of cars even better. There was a Porsche Corral there that day so we had plenty of German Muscle check out.

Most of these shots are mine (cheesy ones) but there are a few that were taken by my friends Chris and Corwyn.



  1. Nnamdi (AL33NUT)
    14 June 10, 5:55am

    Hey Joey,

    Just want to encourtage you to keep posting. I’m probably one of many that keep checking in every week to see what pictures, videos, comments you’ve got up. I’m sure it sometimes feels like you’re posting to no one …but you’re not…loads of us out there! Love the shot of your M3, the Porka (Porshe) and the black M3 cruising down the highway. Also the one next to that of just your M3 (rear shot of you cruising in town) is a bute too! AL33NUT

  2. Joey
    14 June 10, 8:21am

    Thanks AL33NUT,

    I’d like to post more often but I don’t get to drive the car as often as I’d like to.

    Appreciate the comments and check back soon as I am revisting the DYNO for Stock vs tuned results. I’ll also be attending a car show on the 20th so plenty more pics too come.

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