DYNO visit round 2

by JB0352

You may be asking yourself “Didn’t he just go to the dyno?”. Well you’re right but I needed to revisit to obtain some info.

The last time, I used the ECU with the AlphaN flash. Seeing as how I wanted to see if there was any difference between the factory tune and this supposed AlphaN tune, I had to go back for real figures.

This information will be valuable to anyone else running a euro S50 engine and thinking of going the AlphaN route.

Now that you know why I returned, I can get on with the info.

We did the following 4 runs:

Stock ECU with HFM connected.
Stock ECU without HFM connected.
AlphaN with HFM
AlphaN without HFM

The good news is that I had an even better run this time. On the first try the M3 put down 286 WHP. :) Keep in mind this was done using the stock ECU.

I still feel that the AlphaN tune will only be beneficial once I install a new Carbon fiber airbox and or cams, but only time will tell.


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