My 1st Mark’s Cruise Night

by JB0352

I had been wanting to attend this event for a couple years now but never had a chance.

There had to be something like 800 cars there. Very impressive. Mostly Hot Rods but several Euro and Imports as well. They even had a darn Interceptor. ( For those of you that don’t know, that’s the car Mel Gibson drove in the MadMax movie. The thing was MINT! )

It was really interesting how they have you pull in. The cars enter in a line and you have to pass through the main area where the food and tables are (Basically where the majority of the people are). Essentially it’s like being in a parade and everyone is there to see. Very Cool :)

I took these shots with my phone so I apologize for the quality. I hope to return again next week but this time I’ll have a photographer with me, but he just doesn’t know it yet ( Pat! )


2010-05-17 17.42.14


  1. 17 May 10, 9:33pm

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  2. 17 May 10, 11:33pm

    I’m in for next Monday! I have to show you the photos of the Bugatti I saw here on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills a couple days ago – it was amazing!

  3. Joey
    18 May 10, 12:07am

    Word, we’ll catch up after.

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