Looking for Healthy S54!

by JB0352

If any of you have or know of a healthy S54 with under 70k, please let me know. I would prefer it to be from a 2004 M3 or newer but am open to the earlier models assuming the recalls are done.



  1. M3Yunkie
    22 September 11, 8:33am

    I can not believe you are doing this to me, after I saw your work in July ’11. I bought an e30 M3 to modify it with S50 B32. I got the engine, 6 spd tranny, radiator, small brake booster, plus all the misc. parts and wire harness and you going to S54. Why???

  2. Joey
    22 September 11, 10:11am


    That engine is fantastic and you’re going to love it! I became hungry for more power and there weren’t many options for tuning in N/A form. Add to that the fact that I just generally enjoying having a project to work on and now you know why.

    The S54 won’t look as nice in that engine bay but it will be more powerful and there will be cheaper options for tuning.

    Think of it this way. There is now one less care like yours in the US :)


  3. Ibrahim
    29 October 11, 12:30pm

    Whats the latest update on this sweet E30M3, ? Did u find S54?

    Also wanted to ask about the AW color code u paint , looking to refresh my AW as well

  4. Irv
    08 December 11, 8:40pm

    im properly late as ever, how is finding a S54 coming along? Good luck. where were you go to find one?

  5. John
    10 April 12, 9:07am

    Hey , what’s the update in this white ghost

  6. Joey
    10 April 12, 9:12am

    Sorry for the lack of content guys. Unfortunately I’m in the middle of a divorce, so the M3 had to be put on hold for a while longer. I hope to get moving on this in the next couple months but don’t know for sure. :(

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