Love these shirts!

by JB0352

This is slightly off topic but I had to share.

Any of you who know me personally, know that one of my favorite shirts to wear is my M3NTAL shirt. I bought this from Enthusiast Apparel a while back along with one that had a BBS RS wheel on it ;) . I liked them soo much that I ordered another one. They’re very comfortable and fit great.

I’m super happy with the quality and will be ordering a few more very soon. ;)

Here are the links to the shirts I have:


  1. Alex
    05 December 11, 6:33am

    it’s to bad that the first t-shirt is not available any more…. I want one … :D

  2. 31 January 13, 4:36pm

    hello i live in the uk, is it possbile to buy it here and can you get a specific number plate written on it?

  3. Joey
    31 January 13, 4:39pm

    Hi Curtis,

    I’m sure they can do international delivery. I purchased them from Head on over to check it out.

    Good luck!

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