S54 + 6 Speed = Ready to drop in!

by JB0352

So after dealing with some life changing issues over the past year, I finally came across a good deal on a nice S54/6 speed combo from a 2006 M3 with 56k on it.

The engine was listed on ebay from Axis Motors LLC out of Oregon. A day or two after buying the engine I realized that I had bought the SMG version which would not be so easy to install in the E30, so I gave Axis a call.

According to Alex it wouldn’t be a problem. They were about to begin removing another S54 with similar mileage WITHOUT the SMG and as long as I was ok to wait a few more days, he would send that combo instead. Alex made the transaction so easy and was very accommodating. They had great feedback on Ebay so I highly recommend you purchase from them if you can.

On top of the transaction being so smooth, the engine looks BRAND NEW!! (see pics)

Many thanks goes out to Alex and co.(from Axis Motors LLC) for making it all so easy!

I had the engine sent directly to Rui Azevedo’s shop in NJ. He did my Euro S50 swap back in 2010 and I was very happy with the result. It’s there now and they’ve begun working on it. I’ve asked him to repaint the engine bay as well, since I wasn’t happy with the prior spray.

I hope to have some more content on here soon, so stay tuned!



  1. Hasteflex
    14 September 12, 3:03am

    Hi there
    Looking at your website from time to time as my M3 looks similar to yours but is original except for RHD conversion (for Australia)
    Look for to seeing the result of the S54 in the engine bay.
    Best Regards from Australia!

  2. Joey
    14 September 12, 9:16am

    Thanks Hasteflex! I will definitely be posting DYNO charts from the same DYNO I used with the S50B32. Not the same day/temp’s I’m sure but it’s better than going to another shop.

  3. Jay
    25 September 12, 10:36pm

    Sweet. A buddy of mine told me about your little s54 update. Do you think she’ll be done in time for Bav Auto?

  4. Joey
    26 September 12, 4:25pm

    Probably not Jay. He doesn’t have all the equipment yet so, he’s going to wait until that’s all there.

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