So long Euro S50B32……. :(

by JB0352

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I was in Australia for work and have been busy since. I hadn’t posted it up on here but I had my Euro S50B32 for sale for a little over a month. (I think)

Anyways, It recently sold and the buyer picked it up this afternoon. J seems like a really nice guy and I hope he enjoys this engine as much as I did. He’ll be dropping it into a 92 325is. I can’t wait to hear how much he loves all that new power in his car. I hope to have some pics of it as soon as it’s installed so stay tuned.

Now I begin my search for the perfect S54. If you know of anyone with a healthy one with low miles on it, please let me know!!

I’ll end this post with a couple pics of the engine after I removed it :(



  1. pulsar
    08 September 11, 9:14am

    in my opinion Joey you could go for S38B38

  2. reza valipour
    19 October 11, 6:38am

    hi my friend
    i need a S50B32
    i want to buy it
    do you have anything like this?
    how much is it?
    please mail me

  3. Joey
    19 October 11, 10:35am

    Pulsar – The S38B38 is a great motor but very high maintenance like the S14 and if I remember correctly, it was alot heavier too.

    Reza – I sold mine already but can give you info on who to contact if you want one. Send me an email:

  4. Irv
    05 December 11, 9:46pm

    I admire your car!! I’m new to the M3 E30 hobby. I was wondering how did you get started on aquiring parts, who? I’ve been reading all of the websites. checking out all what everyone is doing to the cars, its amazing!! I want to get into it sooner than later. Keep us posted on the new engine you’re going to get. take care.

  5. Joey
    15 October 12, 10:41am

    Sorry for the late reply Irv. I’m just seeing your comment now :)

    I got started by reading about other swaps. I didn’t swap it myself so that made it much easier. I brought my car to Azevedo Motorsports in NJ. Rui and his crew, have done this many times, so they know what they’re doing. that’s where my car is now, for the S54 swap as well.

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