DYNO graph from Germany with Carbon Fiber box

by JB0352

John sent me a DYNO chart that was of S50B32 with one of his CF boxes and a set of 284 cams. Just thought I’d share with everyone.

I’m having a tough time interpreting this info even after his translation. Can anyone help? What is he making to the wheels? 244 is possible I guess, depending on the DYNO, but that seems low when you consider the cams and CF box.

This is what he sent me as a translation of what’s in this chart.

Joey, the text says:

Norm/corrected power 350.2 hp (DIN 70020) (graph 1, top)
uncorrected power 320 hp
rwhp 244.8 hp (graph 2, middle)
powerloss 75.4 hp (graph 3, bottom)

torque curve is also shown.

airpressure: 958 mbar
airtemp: 40 celcius (summer time)

the power graph is with CF airbox and 284 schrick cam. most stock 3.2 motors are not showing 320 hp from the factory, and especially not showing that when installed in an e30 chassis.

remember, like all dyno graphs, the power can be up or down relative to another dyno. its not an absolute. they are a tuning tool.

we built the new S50 airboxes for E36s to allow for an internal airfilter, which alleviates the problem of finding a proper airfilter and a proper filter location. Its a cleaner install.


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