Box Install Complete + First Impressions

by JB0352

I finished installing the CF box last night so I was able to drive it for a bit today. Now to be able to run mafless, I swapped out my factory DME with the Alpha-N one. This DME has the alphaN flash as well as EWS deleted.

The first and most noticeable thing was the SOUND. The engine bay is extremely loud now, especially at WOT. It’s not the same high pitched tone that the CF box provides when mated to the S14 but a much lower, strong grunt. It’s exactly what I was hoping for in regards to sound.

The other thing I noticed immediately, was the lack of torque in the mid range. With the stock config, If I punched it in second, the car would just GO (sometimes the tires would break loose too). I’m thinking that the lack of tune is the cause of this. I was going to get this done anyways and the box was the reason I haven’t done it yet.

Anywho, there will be another BrenTuning/OE Tuning event coming up in a few weeks where Jeremy and Brendan can work their magic. I would be very happy with anything around 300 WHP, as long as the car still runs nice and smooth.

Also, Jeremy from OE Tuning asked me to participate in their booth at Bimmerstock this September 12th. This means I’ll be parked in their booth which will be very cool. :)

We’re hoping to have the car tuned before the show, stay tuned.



  1. Jack
    26 August 10, 3:27pm


  2. Karan
    26 August 10, 8:42pm

    Nice, I hope i will see your car at SFEST.

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