I take back everything I said about power in that last post.. OMG!

by JB0352

So it’s pretty clear that the DME’s on these cars learn how you drive. The first day I took it out after installing the box, there was a HUGE difference in mid range power.

Well I got to tell you, today I drove down to CT to visit some friends and stop by S-Fest in Coventry, and the car is running AWESOME. all of a sudden the power is back and the box is soo much LOUDER. It’ intoxicating, I can’t tell you how happy I was with my drive down. I was so pumped I had to post this asap from my buddy’s laptop to share. LOL

Anyways, this is the same friend (Chris) took most of the videos you have seen of my car and we are planning to take a few more today so stay tuned.

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