More E30 M3 + S54 talk

by JB0352

I thought i’d share a couple pics of a swap that was done a little while ago. This an E30 M3 with S54 in it using the factory ECU.

This looks so damn clean, right? I thought that the plastic would be too much for the E30 engine bay but am now having second thoughts. I’ve noticed that they also painted the reservoirs black. Normally I’d think that was weird but it completes this look very nicely. It doesn’t make checking the fluid levels any easier, but it looks damn good.

For those of you that are not familiar with this engine, it came in the BMW E46 M3 (2001-2006) and a few other cars. It’s another high revving (8k rpms) 3.2L six cylinder that without the crappy US cats, puts out about 340hp.




  1. 23 July 10, 6:26pm

    Thats the cleanest swap I have seen so far into an e30 m3.

  2. Ethan
    02 August 10, 1:46pm

    +1. Cleanest swap ever. I’m amazed you can fit the fan between the s54 and the radiator.

  3. Joey
    02 August 10, 2:13pm

    I know right!

    The fan has to be millimeters from that Rad. Hopefully he has some strong motor mounts :)

  4. jack barry
    05 August 10, 8:12pm

    gorgeous, any pictures of the exterior? that fan placement is perfect, and quite amazing

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