BrenTuning – Tuning event

by JB0352

I just got back from the tuning event at BrenTuning here in Auburn MA.

It was hot as hell out but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. There were some really nice cars in attendance and I hope that my crappy pics will show that.

OE Tuning was on site at the BrenTuning facility and together they were pumping out some impressive custom tunes and flashes.

OE Tuning Site

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OE Tuning Facebook page

Here are some examples. Baseline power first and new tuned power second.

AMG SL55 from 450 – 500 WHP
2006 ///M Z4 from 297 – 317 WHP
2007 ///M6 from 475 – 500 WHP

Thank you to Brendan, Nick, Jeremy and company for having me over, as well as getting the ball rolling on a custom tune for my Euro engine.

Pics first and video second.



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