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  1. James
    08 April 10, 8:39am

    yo man, i absolutely love your m3, if you ever decide to let it go please let me know!

  2. Joey
    08 April 10, 8:44am

    Thanks James. :)

  3. Thomas D
    29 April 10, 3:00pm

    Great job… Sell it to me! …Please..haha

  4. Vik
    12 July 10, 1:07am

    Race that 335 and post a video :)

  5. Joey
    12 July 10, 12:56pm

    lol, If I do you can be sure the video will be posted here first. :)

  6. HAMED
    18 August 11, 10:14am


  7. Blue Friday
    20 November 11, 11:03am

    M3…..It’s Amazing car but your car is very fantastic . you and your car is inspiration for me.

  8. Irv
    16 December 11, 4:39pm

    Your car is top notch!! Its truly an example to follow!

  9. m3e30 fan
    25 November 12, 9:39pm

    awesome car,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! simply the best car ever made by bmw (in my opinion)

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