Euro S50 Swap


  1. Jack
    07 March 11, 2:52pm

    Hey Joey, I was wondering what type of box that is?

  2. Joey
    07 March 11, 2:54pm

    Are you talking about the S14 Airbox? If so, I got it from Markus in Germany. Same guy who sells the bbs wheels.

  3. Troy
    30 March 11, 6:09am

    hey joey, Car is F*&&ing amazing i get chills just looking at it. Im a noob on the E30s but i was wondering what kind of exhaust that is and where the best place to get performance parts do you have a favorite website or shop?

  4. Joey
    31 March 11, 5:36pm

    Troy, I’m running a stock E46 M3 exhaust with a Magna Flow muffler.

    Most of the parts for this car were bought from other members on Don’t have a website that I prefer over any other. Mabey Turner Motorsports?

  5. beam3r87
    16 April 11, 12:46am

    that would sound so badass with an eisanmann exaust, supersprint headers and track pipe..

  6. Ricardo
    23 April 12, 6:21pm

    I see you’re portuguese, I am too but I live in Portugal. This guy gave me a damaged S50B32 and I’m rebuilding it and buying all the parts that are missing, and then I have to buy an e30 (do you have any suggestion as to which one I should get? Can it be a 316i? I also thought the touring would be nice… Could you give me some pointers regarding what mods and different parts combinations I’ll be needing for the swap?) Anyways, I’ve got so many questions and I haven’t even started!
    I’ve seen vids of your car and all but I didn’t know you were tuga, glad to see you’re a proud one too :) Anyways those engines are the shit and I can’t wait to drive my e30 once it’s done.


  7. Joey
    23 April 12, 10:58pm

    Ola Ricardo!

    The touring would be cool here because we didn’t receive any in the US. You have to go to Canada to get one. I would definitely pick a Carbon fiber airbox. Just the sound it makes is amazing!

    I was born in the US, but my parents were born in Portugal. I got my dual citizenship recently though, so I’m officially a Tuga too :) We’re from the North.. Tras Os Montes!

    Boa Sorte Ricardo!

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