Post Bavauto Shoot with Klaus Schnitzer Photography

by JB0352

Klaus is a well known auto photographer that shoots for magazines like Bimmer, Roundel and Forza. He asked if I’d be willing to stick around after the show for some pics and obviously I accepted. :)

Our first stop was a Gravel Bank about a mile or two away from Bavauto. After that, We did some rolling shots and then finished off with a nice spirited ride with Klaus. I kind of felt bad. While I was hammering through the gears he was trying to take pictures of me driving, from the passenger seat. :D

Hopefully I’ll get to share some of his shots here, but that’s for another day.


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  1. C
    07 October 10, 11:47am

    WTF was with the blue abortion? To show the the absolute opposite ends of the done right/done wrong spectrum?

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