SIGFest East – Lots of E30 M3’s!

by JB0352

I made the hike down to SIGFest this Saturday and when I say hike, I mean HIKE!! It took almost 4 hours to get down there. Alot of driving for a day trip. :(

Anyways, on to the content.

On the way down I met up Yan. He has a beautiful red (Zinnabrot??) M3 with a very clean engine bay. We drove together until just after Newark NJ, where we met up with Vlad and Rui’s group of cars (

From there we made the final 45 min (or so) of the trip.

All in All, I had a great time. I was able to meet up with my good friend Dave (Magnus) who I haven’t seen or heard from in well over a year. (Thanks for the Smoothie Dave!!)

I took alot of pics with my cheapo camera and a few videos too.
Pics 1st – Videos 2nd :)



  1. Ricardo
    08 August 10, 12:11pm

    Joey!! It was great to meet you! Shoot me your contact info, we need to exchange pics.

  2. Jerry
    08 August 10, 4:58pm

    Joey, wats up buddy? great pics thnx for sharing

  3. Jack
    09 August 10, 3:07pm

    your car looks amazing joey! rui’s car sounds incredible any idea on whp?

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