More Dyno Pics ala CMT

by JB0352

Chris not only took the Video in the last post but he took some great pictures as well.



  1. 10 May 10, 7:04pm

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  2. Mike
    10 May 10, 10:41pm

    What airbox is that?

  3. Joey
    11 May 10, 8:02am


    That airbox is factory on this engine. This is the Euro E36 Evo engine from 96 – 99 that put out 321 hp stock. The US E36 M3’s did not receive a true BMW Motorsport engine. At the very least, all ///M engines will have Individual Throttle Bodies and Headers.

    The only thing attached to that airbox that is not factory is the horn with the K&N filter inside it. I hope to replace this airbox soon with a Carbon Fiber intake.


  4. Mike
    11 May 10, 9:10pm

    Oh yes, sadly I am all too aware of this. My 88′ S14 has ITBs and my 97′ M3 does not… Not fair.

    I should have been more clear, I am wondering about the horn/box. It looks like a clean and nice setup compared to the long silicon tube you were running before.

  5. Joey
    11 May 10, 9:33pm

    :) Rui gave me that after flashing my dme with the AlphA-N tune. I no longer needed the MAF so this was a perfect filter solution (for now at least). I had never seen it before.

  6. Mike
    11 May 10, 9:58pm

    Any idea as to who makes it? It looks like a very nice piece.

  7. Joey
    12 May 10, 8:28am

    No clue where to buy them, but the brand labeled on it’s side is:


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