UMASS Motorsports Auto Show – Lot’s of Pics!

by JB0352

There was a great turnout today for the 4th annual UMASS auto show. The weather was perfect and the cars were beautiful.

Most importantly for me though, was getting to see Roy Wicklund’s S14 powered Orange 2002. This car is sick! Now this was no regular S14. According to Roy, it has an AC Schnitzer 2.5 Evo engine in it. Not to mention it has the Carbon FIber airbox and Alpha-N EMS as well. This car was built by the very capable hands of Mario and crew at Vintage Sports and Racing (NH).

The following shots were taken by me and my cheapo camera, so I apologize for their quality. :-P

P.S. Roy’s 2002 took home the Best in Show and I won the Best Euro Modified.



  1. 04 May 10, 3:45pm

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  2. Nnamdi (AL33NUT)
    14 June 10, 6:18am

    That 2002 looks awesome! By the way, are both cars running slightly stretched tyres? Looks like the 2002 is running R15 tyres with a little stretch and I guess you’re running R17 slightly stretched tyres also. How does this impact on handling?


  3. Joey
    14 June 10, 8:24am

    For the size wheels I have (17 x 8.5 and 9.5) this was the ideal tire size. There is some stretch but not enough to make any noticeable difference in handling.

    I don’t track the car so I’m not pushing it to the limits around the corners, although I probably should be :)

  4. 12 February 11, 2:21pm

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