UMASS Car Show 4/30/11

by JB0352

This was my second time attending the show where I went to school and it seems to get better every year.

I only hope that they can continue to have these every year as I do enjoy them. This is also the show where I get to see Roy Wicklund again. Last time I was there he had his beautiful Orange 2002. Well as usual he never fails to impress. Roy brought his 1 of 4 in the US Alpina B7 Turbo E28’s. (Hope I got that right) The car is soooo clean. Of course he won a trophy, i just don’t recall which. If anyone knows, please let me know and I will edit this post.

The M3 ended up winning 1st place EURO. :)

Enjoy the photos:



  1. John Watkins
    08 May 11, 2:51pm

    I wonder whose badass E34 M5 that is??? M3 looks good Joey. I’d like to see it with a pair of black wheels though and some tints. 20% maybe.

  2. reza valipour
    20 October 11, 11:03am

    very beautifull pics

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