So Damn Shiny!!

by JB0352

Damn, I remember receiving these and thinking that that installing them was such a bad idea.  The shine was ridiculous.  I wanted to hang them on the wall or build a table with them but I didn’t think the...

Back in ’05

by JB0352

I started digging through all my old photos and came across some more pics that Chris had taken.  Back then the M3 had 18″  ///M parallel wheels on it. They look great but were too heavy for the S14.  I...


by JB0352

Got my Wheels ready for some prep work. Car will be done soon, so it’s the right time to give these the extra attention they need.

Some pics at the Ludlow Mills

by JB0352

My good friend and coworker Pat took these last year over by the Ludlow mills. Lighting wasn’t optimal but I think they came out great. Hopefully I can get him to take some more once the engine swap is...

Carbon Fiber Airbox + Alpha-N + S14 = ROAR!!

by JB0352

Here’s a video taken in the Haven of North just after I had installed my Carbon Fiber airbox and Alpha-N engine management software. Those CF boxes sound beastly.

July 4th Weekend 2009

by JB0352

Some great footage provided ALA CMT from Last July. The cast included a modified 996 Porsche, S52 powered E30 325is and your truly.

Some pics of the M3

by JB0352

These were taken a year or two ago and I had not yet had a chance to upload them. Chris has taken some wonderful shots of my car. These are just a few. Thanks C!


by JB0352

Oh look what just arrived from over seas

Carbon Fiber Wing repaired

by JB0352

My CF wing got refreshed. It’s not the best spray work, but Looks much better than before:

On it’s way

by JB0352

Made the trip to NJ yesterday to drop the car off.  The end is so near I can taste it


  1. Bill Ryan
    06 August 11, 6:01pm

    Love the Color. What white is it ? Doing an e30 m3 s54 track car. I live in So. Maine Bill.

  2. Joey
    23 April 12, 10:52pm


    Sorry for the delayed response. It’s a pearl white with some blue added in. Not sure exact color though. Reminds me alot of the Audi pearl white. No track car here. Too much invested in making it pretty. :)

  3. adam
    15 October 12, 12:02pm

    your site overwhelms me :)

    I miss my 88 that I had in 90-94. I have 2 kids now and this will be my project. but where to find one for less than 20$ now. unbelievable. thx for the site!!


  4. Cyrus
    03 January 13, 7:32am

    Hey dude that’s a kick ass little pocket rocket… Better see it in new Braintree this summer I wanna ride but we better be jammin to everyday I’m shufflin or sexy and I know it!

  5. Joey
    03 January 13, 9:06am

    Hey Cyrus! For sure! I got some good fit pumping music we can listen to. lol

  6. Bachir
    14 March 14, 10:42pm

    Hey , still for sale ?

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