9/12/10 – @ BimmerStock with OE Tuning

9/11/10 – Tuning in Auburn MA with OE Tuning and BrenTuning

8/28/10 – SFest and Carbon Fiber Airbox

8/7/10 – SIGFest East Videos

5/8/10 – Put down some great numbers on the Dyno. I need to addres the exhaust though.

Another Post swap video. Here we were trying to mimic the original (from below)

Post Swap Video

20 Years of the M3

Here’s a video taken in the Haven of North just after I had installed my Carbon Fiber airbox and Alpha-N engine management software. Those CF boxes sound beastly.

Some great footage provided ALA CMT from Last July. The cast included a modified 996 Porsche, S52 powered E30 325is and your truly.


  1. Nnamdi (AL33NUT)
    26 April 10, 9:52am


    That’s one lovely M3 you’ve got there! They’ve always been the one for me (i.e. the E30 M3 above other M3s) and I think you’ve done an outstanding job subtly enhancing yours. I love the paintwork, the wheels, the stance…the whole thing comes together nicely. The sound that the engine makes under pressure is gorgeous. Even though I don’t drive a Beemer as my fun car (I drive an Alfa), I recognise the quality of the E30 M3 for fun and looks. Sometimes people over-modify their cars but yours looks like what BMW should have/ could have done (without the necessary commercial compromises) – it’s just right. Congrats/ well done – whichever you prefer! More videos please!

    Do you have any more mods planned or is a maintenance project from now on?

    AL33NUT (UK)

  2. Joey
    27 April 10, 4:28pm

    Thanks for the kind words!

    I loved the S14 but for driving around town I needed something with some more punch. This motor was perfect. It’s (basically) stock and has plenty of power in an already light car.

    Future mods include:
    Carbon Fiber airbox
    Shrick cams
    ARD Front and Rear big brake kit (still being designed)


  3. Irv
    08 December 11, 8:29pm

    Again, awesome ride!! I like the stance. I love the M3!!

  4. Christian
    12 October 12, 4:30pm

    really like the m3, what kind of suspension do you have for it?

  5. Joey
    15 October 12, 8:51am

    Hi Christian,

    I picked up a Ground Control kit back in ’07. GC adjustable coilovers with Konis and adjustable camber plates. Springs were rated at 400/600.


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