Friend’s Cars

These are galleries of my friends car. Some great stuff in here.

Enjoy :)

Bills Bimmers

7 Photos


  1. Jack
    27 November 10, 9:27pm

    Beautiful Cars!

  2. jack
    22 February 11, 3:24pm

    Hey Joey, any idea what bumper is on that e28?

  3. Joey
    22 February 11, 3:32pm

    No Clue Jack. I believe it was built at VSR in NH so Mario would know more.

  4. Chase
    24 February 11, 11:45pm

    Believe that’d be the stock bumper euro-spec e28’s came with…though I can’t blow the photo up for some reason, just going off the thumbnail

  5. Joey
    24 February 11, 11:48pm

    Chase, when you click on the thumbnail, it can take a few seconds for the pic to popup. During that time, the screen goes into a lighter shade state. Kind of grayish.

  6. Chase
    25 February 11, 12:24pm

    Ok got it now, dunno what I was doing wrong earlier. That is an interesting bumper, definitely not the stock euro piece, but very similar…

    Great site btw, I’ve always wanted to do something like this for my M3, but not sure I’d have enough content for anyone else to read it… ;)

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