New S50 Carbon Fiber airbox with internal filters.

by JB0352

I got word from John ( in Germany that he has modified their S50 airboxes to have an internal air filter, much like the CSL box for the S54. (E46 M3)

This is great news for those that have dropped one in an E30. There isn’t much room to install a filter on the end of my intake due to the limited space caused by the ABS unit and Larger PWR radiator.

The only negative to these is that you don’t see the intake trumpets as well since they are hidden. This is probably necessary because of the internal filter. Still looks sick though!

John’s boxes are some of the best in the business and he’s a great guy to work with, so don’t hesitate to purchase from him.

Here are the pics and link to pricing for this and other boxes as well:

John’s Carbon Fiber Airboxes


  1. Jack
    04 November 10, 1:56pm

    Beautiful work

  2. Francesc
    07 January 12, 5:48am

    Can you modify this airbox to save the brake booster of an E30 swap?

  3. Joey
    09 January 12, 3:54pm


    I would never modify the airbox to accommodate the brake booster. There are several options out there that fit, you just need to look around. The last thing you want to do is starve a cylinder of proper airflow when there is another solution.

  4. david
    17 March 12, 3:28am

    The link to pricing is dead, any update on pricing? These look great! I couldn’t find this version on anywhere.

  5. Joey
    17 March 12, 3:32am


    You can find this box in the “Parts” section on


  6. david
    17 March 12, 3:53am


  7. kake
    12 June 12, 1:02pm

    Hi can you say me where can i go to buy this airbox?

    i´m too interested

    The “parts” section of s14power not work

  8. 12 June 13, 1:07am

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