Mendon Twin Car Show in Mendon MA with Superior Details!

by JB0352

Last weekend I headed over to Mendon MA to attend this event. It’s a drive-in theater, which was cool, since I had never seen one before. Monster lot with a huge board up front. I didn’t stay but I guess they showed a movie after the show. No clue on how that would look

I had been asked by Baer Connard, owner of Superior Details, if I’d be willing to help represent his products on display there. Since it’s his products that I use on my car, this was a no brainer. I do recommend them if you need anything for your car. Not only does he sell great products, but he’s also a first class guy to deal with.

Parked right next to me was Miguel’s S54 powered E36 M3 race car and a beautiful ’06 lamborghini Gaillardo, which was awesome!

Unfortunately, I had to leave early for another commitment. On top of that, I forgot my camera at home, so all of these were taken by my Blackberry. :(

It was also really nice to meet some of the E30 guys that run the Gruppe E30 Facebook page. Hopefully we can catch up again soon.

I’m sure others have posted pics across the net that are of better quality, but these get the idea across.

Thanks Baer!


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