Convertible Update – Quarter Panels are here

by JB0352

Well after a long trip from Germany, my E30 M3 convertible quarter panels have arrived. I had almost purchased regular M3 quarters but after I found out the price was the same, I just ordered the OEM convertible panels.

My list of needed M3 parts is almost complete. I only need the front Evo 2 spoiler to finish.



  1. Benjamin
    10 November 11, 3:12am

    Hi Joey,

    I wondered where you’d find these panels. I myself have also a e30 convertible with alot of bodywork, but I cant seem to find quarter panels, esspecially for a e30 m3 convertible.

    Can you give me more info about where I can find these panels a what they may cost?


  2. Joey
    10 November 11, 9:06am

    Ben, You can buy the quarters right from the dealer as I did. I think they were about 350-400 each side. I’m talking about the Convertible ones too, not the standard M3’s quarters.

    Good luck,

  3. Angel
    05 July 14, 9:50am

    Hi Joey awesome build. Could you give me the dealer info who carries the quarter panels please I’m having a hard time locating a pair.

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