E9 3.0 CSL + E30 M3 + E28 M5 = Awesome!

by JB0352

A friend and coworker shared some photos with me of his collection and I just had to post them up. My favorite is the Batmobile :) or E9 3.0 CSL. That car is just mean! All the restoration work and maintenance on these is taken care of by the capable hands of Mario Langsten. (Owner of Vintage Sports and Racing in Bow NH.) The before and After pics of the 3.0 are below.

According to Bill, his M5 is currently undergoing a fresh paint job as well as adding the smaller Euro bumpers but when it’s completed it will look exactly like the M5 in the gallery below, However this M5 is Mario’s.

The E30 M3 is in a trailer on it’s way from California as I type. Hopefully Bill will have more pics to share of these bad boys soon.

Enjoy :)

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